Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Willie Revillame Scandal | Wowowee Scandals

Looking for Willie Revillame Scandal Photos or Videos? Wowowee Scandals?
Willie Revillame is center of blog and social networking gossips today for his scandals made in Wowowee. Willie have so many controversies this years which have been aired in his noon time show Wowowee. Let us reiterate the Revillame Scandals for the past 8 years.

Willie and Wowowee Scandals

1. The Aswang Scandal of Joey De Leon - Willie Revillame got angry with his idol Joey de Leon for calling pokwang as Aswang. But after years of quarrel, they settled this controversy in an awards night.

2. The Resignation of Luningning, Milagring and Mariposa - this is another scandal since we grew up with this three lovely dancers.

3. The airing of Wowowee despite the death of Cory Aquino - this issue has been settled also as he apologize with Kris Aquino

4. The Jobert and Willie Revillame Scandal

The first three Wowowee Scandals were settled. Some, after several years and some, just after few months. What do you think about Jobert and Wilie Revillame Scandal? Will this last also for years? Or we will look forward to accepting that Wowowee will change its name to "Pokie".




  2. Willie should resign. I would be celebrating if he did. RESIGN WILLIE! Wowowee doesn't need you.

  3. I think that ABS-CBN and its lynch pins should be more concern about their TV ratings falling when Willie is not there. Then worrying about Willies arrogance as many shots as willie has taken over the years since joining wowowe. A little arrogance goes a long way... By the way is it the arrogance that ABS-CBN is worried about? or the jealousy of Willies fame and fortune.
    bill and joanette
    maryland, USA

  4. I applaud Willie for speaking his mind. I like how he incorporates everyone in his show from all walks of life. However, I find much more entertainment from the poor people above all because their experiences are heart breaking. When I see the poor people in the show, I am reminded to never forget my roots and I am proud of what I have accomplished in my Life. I love your show very much, but without you in Wowowee, it is boring. I like your funny jokes and quick wit and when you give away the cash to the contestants, I sense that it truly comes from your heart and it is not part of the show.I like your sense of virtue. It makes me value my freedom of speech even more here in the U.S. after reading this. God Bless You Willie V.

  5. Willie should be back in wowowee the show is more entertaining and fun to watch,he helps a lot of people who really deserves it ,minus his little arrogance at times, but I still prefer WILLIE,V. presence in the show

  6. willie should be from abs forever. he doesnt deserve any shows at all.hard headed and boastfull willie deserve to be out from abs for good...

  7. Well, I'm not really against Willlie, but he's losing it.
    It's not that "he doesn't deserve any shows at all" since he had done much more good things than bad. Everyone has a bad side just like us, so we have no right to judge if a man does not deserve any show.

    Willie should be back un Wowowee since, generally, he helps the poor people, makes the sad ones happy, and offering people money. His bad side just happens only a few times.

    By Rendell


  8. If Willie offering money to people, its because the people making money to him...