Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Super Star City Cheats, Tips and Tricks | Super Money

Looking for Super Star City Cheats and Tricks Super Money?
Super Star City Cheats Super Money is a Virtual world game in Facebook. Super Star City game is where you can create the best and the hottest Looks in fashion city. you can also dance and beat the groove make you own style and be more sexy character ever. Superstar City is the place to find real fashions starts. you can also chat with your friends in the make them join your fashion show. Super Star City game will help you to have some money to buy many things that will help in your Super Star City. Super Star City requires only Cheat Engine 5.6 and updated adobe player version and firefox browser and your facebook account. steps in Super Star City.
I just downloaded these steps in Super Star City Cheats from different resources but hope this helps.

1. open Firefox browser and go to your
2. download a updated adobe flash player and then
3. facebook account and go to your application in
4. Star City game go to Store and shop some
5. go to Fashion catwalk and make a Fashion walk and make some money
6. experience and Cash then open your cheat engine 5.6
7. go back to you Star City and check your money
8. copy it. go to cheat engine and click the side bar to open and select your browser
9. click Firefox.exe and click ok. the when you are finish copy your cash
10. in Star City put it into the VAlUE bar and Click First Scan after that go to the
11. then make some Xp in the catwalk again then and Buy two dresses
12. when you are Finish you can that your money has deducted
13.Star City in copy it again and Put into the
14.VALUE bar and click Next Scan then at the cheat engine you can the FROZEN tab.
15. Click the last address and underneath a small box appear just check and press ok
16.Go back again to Star City and buy something to your character then
17.click anywhere in the creen wait for a while to Change the value
18. of the money then you can see now that the cash has change. Star City
Hope This will help in your Star City game
MORE STORIES at: wallyibong.blogspot.com

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