Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cheat Engine 5.6 Free Download

Are you looking for Cheat Engine 5.6 Free Download? I have provided the link here in this post on how to get it. Compared to Cheat Engine 5.5, it has more advance features like:

# Removed stealthmode. (Someone could make a plugin for this, one probably more advanced than the old one)
# Pointerscanner speed has been increased a lot
# New Icon (thanks to Phox from the forum)
# The pointerscanner can now scan for values
# The pointerscanner now lets you specify an offset list that it has to end with.
# Removed the injected pointerscanner
# The auto assembler now supports code outside of [enable] and [disable] sections so it affects both
# Resultcount is now comma seperated (thanks to infinito)
# New kernelmode debugger
# Added the ability to offload the current OS to dbvm (if your cpu supports it)
# The driver is now 64-bit compatible. (You will have to sign it yourself, or reboot with unsigned driver support)
# Rewrote the disassemblerview

You can download Cheat Engine 5.6 here:

MORE STORIES at: wallyibong.blogspot.com

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