Sunday, May 9, 2010

Safety Measures and Tips when riding a Ship

Want to know the tips and Safety Measures when riding a ship?

I was about to ride at SuperCat, a shipping lines designed for 200 passengers without cargo, but since this is a long weekend, bulk of passengers came to Batangas Terminal in addition to the fact that two days from now will be the 2010 Philippine Presidential Elections. I arrived 6:30 but SuperCat posted that the next trip will be 9:00. Wow, it’s gonna be long, knowing that I would just sit and watch TV inside the Batangas Terminal Building, sadly, they are not yet installing wifi unlike in Calapan City Port Terminal. So I try my luck in RORO, Montenegro lines and Starlite Ferries will sail at 8:00 that’s why I have no choice but to ride in Besta Baleno 5 which will cruise at 7:30 . It’s not that I would hesitated to choose this ship but I was fresh from the trauma that there are still more than 20 unfound passengers inside Besta Baleno 8 which sank in Batangas ocean few months ago. I even took pictures of the ship and its facilities to suffice my two hours sailing experience. But what are the things you should do when inside a passenger ship?

1. Do not stay often in closed area, e.g. Aircon room because it’s hard to get out in panicking situations.
2. Find where the life jackets are placed. I always did because I am not a professional swimmer
3. Don’t sleep too much.
4. Find comfortable seats in open areas.
5. Text or call your relatives or friends that you are sailing in a RORO ship. Give the details
6. If ever you feel that the boat is gliding 70 degrees, well grab the life jacket and wait for captain’s ”Abandon the Ship”
7. Put your phones and valuables in plastic or things that float.
8. Pray – still. this is the greatest weapon

These are just my advices because I have experienced already the silence and anger of seas.

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