Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GIMIK 2010 The Reunion

Are you looking for the remake of GIMIK? Yes, After more than a decade, the most awaited reunion will happen this April 25, 2010 launches Your Song entitled GIMIK 2010 The Reunion. From the highly-watched Saturday series "Gimik," which was aired 14 years ago, 5 of the original cast members - Judy Ann Santos, Diether Ocampo, Bojo Molina, G Toengi, and Mylene Dizon - reunite in "GIMIK 2010" where twists and surprises are added to spice up the series even more.

Under the direction of Erick Salud, a new story of friendship blooms as the original characters carry on with their lives as friends. The new batch will be shaped by fresh faces gracing the small screens as they prove themselves worthy of stardom: Jessy Mendiola, Lance Christopher, Franco Daza, Kazuo Nawa, Jaco Benin, Kenji Shirakawa, Janeena Chan, Hanna Flores, Daniel Padilla, Albie Casino, Mara Montes and Marian Flores.
The concept of the Gimik reunion started with a real get together of the original cast and staff of the 1996 Saturday series which happened last year. Through a famous social networking site, the original Gimik group was able to keep in touch with each member. The event sparked the idea of "GIMIK 2010."

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