Monday, March 1, 2010

Underage Workers of Apple

Apple said three of its suppliers hired 11 under age workers in creating iPhone, iPod and Macintosh computers last year, a violation it revealed as part of its onsite audit of their 102 factories.

Apple discovered three facilities that had previously hired 15 year old workers in different countries where the minimum age for employment is 16. Apple didn’t name the suppliers and manufacturers. The company visited sites in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Philippines and US.

Apple’s Code sets a maximum of 60 work hours per week and requires at least one day of rest per seven days of work,” the company said. Apple also said it asked suppliers to end a practice “where wage deductions were used for disciplinary purposes.”

It stopped doing these business and with at least one unnamed supplier after repeated violations in addressing this underage workers issue.
The company also created extensive training programs in educating its workers about right to respectful work environment. More than 128, 000 workers received information outlining their rights and more than 5, 000 supervisors received training in their responsibilities to employees, a statement from apple.

Apple has also established courses for their workers in expanding their technical and computer skills.

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