Tuesday, March 9, 2010


        Pokwang has been in show business for years and had proven her comedy style in bars and even in her noontime show Wowowee (ABS-CBN). She last that long for several reasons, 1.The issue being thrown to her by Joey de Leon last year, the issue about aswang, Joey told pokwang that she is a monster. 2. Who would not forget her fashion in clothing and her hair style, she is the only comedy star who made Wowowee viewers wait and expect for the dress that she will be wearing each day. 3. She has so many commercials, TV shows and even concerts in and outside the country and 4. She belongs to Star Magic family, a group of the most popular ABS-CBN stars. With just these three basic characterization of pokwang, she is what she is! She established her name and continuously making the Philippines noon to be cheery.

       There comes Melai (Melissa Cantiveros), an exact analogy of Pokwang. Melai became popular in PBB (Pinoy Big Brother teen Double up) this year because of her very unique and effortless style in comedy. Actually, it was obvious that many Filipinos like her since she has that distinctive personality which is very uncommon to many popular comedian celebrities. In addition, only few couple in show business produces instant fans club. They have theirs now; it’s called MELASON (melai and Jason). Was Melai a worthy comedian? Here are the answers. 1. Yes, because she happened to be the love team partner of my classmate, Jason Veron Francisco, LOL. 2. Her facial expression, it’s unique. 3. She has the most morally upright character in PBB double up which reflects our own personality as Filipinos. (naalala nyo ba tuwing eviction night? Wala syang nasabing masamang tinapay sa kahit kanino, lagi nyang rason, kelangan po nyang lumabas kasi miss na sya ng family nya, kelangan na po nyang lumabas kasi may sakit sya, kelangan po nya lumabas kasi po gusto na nya makita anak nya), I don’t think Melai was just making safe that time, but that’s happened to be consistent. 4. Melai made us realize that we have big chance to be popular and be in love……. regardless of our face, regardless of our status and regardless of our personal standards. 5. For sure, you are also one of the viewers who criticized her the first time she entered PBB.

       Now that Melai became instant popular celebrity, she has to face the real consequences of it. Some says, she is the super threat to Pokwang. Perhaps. Anyway, I don’t want to make my final judgment since I am also considering your views and opinions. Are there really any reasons for us to compare the two? If so, who do you think is more deserving as of the day? Feel free to express your thoughts in the comment box below.

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