Friday, February 26, 2010

Jason Francisco PBB College Pictures

       Don't judge the book by its cover, A loose adage which is specific to Jason Veron Francisco, A PBB housemate from Calero, Calapan, Oriental Mindoro. Way back in College, he was just a common student who sometimes came to school without paper or even ballpen, A nursing student who used to sit at the last corner of the room talking with his colleagues. When he first came out in PBB (Pinoy Big Brother), I am sure that you are one of the viewers who first criticized him for his looks and stance. I am his classmate for years and I don’t know that he has this good personality. He is game for anything, especially tests that will challenge him physically. Jason Francisco is infamous in Oriental Mindoro since he is just an ordinary Calapeno whose face is frequent in street brawls. In his College pictures below, you will see what I am saying.
        He became known in PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) for his respect and admiration for girls, this is because he lived his life with his grandmother. He is an avid fan of Binoe (Robin Padilla), that’s why he imitated the way he talks, the way he stands and the way he acts. Jason knows how to find ways in getting what he wants. Now that he became one of the PBB grand winners, I don’t think he still remember us.

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