Thursday, February 18, 2010

Errors of Google Buzz

Google Buzz was released just this February but in split seconds, it accommodates millions of users, buzzers, buzz, posts and photos from different parts of the world.

Few members of google buzz have already seen its flaws in terms of performance and posting buzz/contents. Once you have reached 500 followers, the news feed is starting to crawl. When you followed a user, there is no notification that you followed him/her, when you follow again, the same button is appearing, FOLLOW. Good to note that just today, they have fixed this Error and the user can now distinguish if he/she already followed the Buzz user.

Taken from, it is true that there are lots of nude pictures being posted by buzzers, and Google should take an immediate action on these. Removing post is not enough, a stricter rule is necessitated.

Google Buzz Limitations

Google buzz has no limits in following buzzers, no limits in the number and type of post as well as the languages of the buzzers. I am from the Philippines and I am seeing the differences of this to other social networking sites. All members are participative, everyone can share their thoughts and you are not limited to anything as of the day.

Just an advice to all users of Google Buzz, follow and follow because later on, Google buzz will soon be adding new features, and who knows? They might think that the solution for logging is to establish boundaries and restrictions.

It is enjoyable to use this social networking site and it’s recommendable at some point. Besides, Google had already established its name for number of years.

To tell you how many people are already connected to buzz, it has tens of millions already, creating millions of posts and comments. “Given that Google is giving Buzz a prominent spot in the Gmail interface, this doesn’t come as a surprise, but it also shows buzz potential as a mainstream geo social network” (cited from

It is not official, these errors are just some of my observations based on almost 2 weeks of joining. At the end, the choice still lies in your hands, to add more friends or just get connected with those who you know.

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