Monday, January 25, 2010


January 25, 2010

I cannot concentrate on doing my exams today, although I really have to do it now. You know why? Because I am busy with my blog. LOL. I think I’m quiet addicted. I even loaded another 50 pesos for my smartbro since the internet connection at school is restricted to social networking, even blogspot which is good naman. Not that I am making lazy about my work, I am just into it. You think of it, It’s like being a shopaholic, when you want the dress, you will really do everything to buy it., regardless of everything. If you want someone, you will really strive for her sweet ‘yes’, regardless of your face. I have lot of things to do, I have to check papers, I have to do exams, I have to cook, I have to iron my clothes for tomorrow, I have to text my parents if they are ok, I have to reunite or I mean, update my best friend about what is happening here. But all days ended, and at the bottomline? I was able to reach out my friends and feel that I still belong to the adolescent range. Maybe one of my motivations is that I am still pleasing my best friend, she’s a girl. She knows all about me, and we have a promise that when we turned into 27 and still single, kaming dalawa ang magpapakasal. Seems strange but I am aging, seven years to go and I will be settled. That’s serious kasi, we both have same destiny I guess, we are both single for a long time. Way back then, we are super close, I mean, I can sleep in their house if I want, I can tell about my desires, even about my previous gf. Yeah! Huuuu! Just give me a time, I will express more and tell you more about these on my future blogs…. To be continued.

Meanwhile, I have a joke today, I got somewhere… little horny but funny…..

breakfast after honeymoon

lola: alam mo hon, kahit 50 years na tayong kasal, nag-iinit pa rin ang dibdib ko sa iyo

lolo: anak ng pating….paanong hindi mag-iinit dibdib mo…eh nakasawsaw yang dede mo sa kape……

Haha…. Will be giving you jokes to relieve your stress.

I was a bit sick today, I already took biogesic, but still coughing and sneezing. The reason why I cannot talk much and everytime I talked, Im having defective speech and my voice was going out unclear, my apology to my students.

To my students who are requesting for the second batch, give me a week. Im still hectic…


  1. gonzales -------> hehehe,,, sir i know what do u mean in d first paragraph =>

    LOL,,, i Feel Like im Readig Pocketbooks in ur lovestory with ur best friend sir,, so cute hehehe

    Sir what do you think will be the reaction of ur best friend after reading ur blog?

  2. Yeah,,, thanks for that.... do it always... Once

    I just dont know her reaction. but that's the reality between both of us.

    ngek,,, be posting pa another blog about her. she's kind and a very good heart.......

    palagay mo? anong suggestion mo sa lovelife me? jeje

  3. gonZaLes----->I Know siR she's kind and has a very good heart,, kaYa m Nga Poh cGURo xah Ngus2han hehehe,,,,

    AdvICe b? Eh D SaNA Wag MAUuBos Ang Pat!eNCe m Sa pAgIinTay sa Kanya, sa UsaPan nIO hehehe,, Kaxeh MaHaBa un weH,,

  4. nyahaha... hindi naman, we have 6 years to wait pa...... eh kung may dumating ng mas maaga, di broke na un...

    may blog akong susunod... title... how to mend a broken heart. hehehehe