Friday, January 29, 2010

Lost Sony Ericsson k700i Cellphone

I am so depress this day, though I have to be happy because it’s pay day. Why? I have lost my phone this morning. You know how much important the cellphone to each of us, especially if your phone has camera, has video, has FM radio, has Bluetooth, has infrared and the like. I am not saying that my lost Sony Ericsson k700i cellphone is the best cellphone in the world but for me, it is. It’s just so sad that it is really a nature’s and man’s attitude, that when you find something, be it money, coin, or some valuable stuff, our tendency is to get it regardless of their feelings.It is so sad that about 5% only of our population is honest.
Talking about my lost Sony Ericsson k700i phone. It is important to me because of the following reasons:

1. It is just a gift from a friend during my graduation in College.
2. I have stored more than 300 contacts in the memory of the phone.
3. There are so many images stored, from the professional, to the very wackiest shot I have. I am afraid someone would transfer it to Bluetooth and share my scandalous pictures to youtube. Im professional, but there comes a point in time that you want to shot the most out of you.
Actually I have planned to buy Bluetooth device now for my laptop, this is to transfer all the images stored in my phone. You want to know what are the most important pictures in my lost sony Ericsson k700i phone? (a) the pictures of my nephew, from his birth up to now, the most updated images of him. (b) The images from the most important to the least important event in school (c) The secret images of my crushes. LOL (d) my daring pictures.
4. For me, videos are like viruses, you upload it to youtube and in a split second, it triples the views. You want to know the videos in my lost phone? It’s like what you have on your archive.
5. I have not yet deleted other messages in my phone. I am not worried about it because that is just text messages, what I am afraid of is that the one who found would use my number and pretend that he/she is me.
You know the lesson that I got today? Don’t put your phone in your pocket, especially when you are in the public places, like plaza, jeepney, tricycle, and etc., Always be aware, and if you have no pouch bag, Just make sure that you regularly touch your pocket.
So to all of you out there, who knows my previous mobile number, just want to share that it is active but that is not me anymore. I will be changing my mobile number and will update you about it.
But amidst all this, this will not be the reason why I would stop my blog.
I have plans to buy a new phone but I can’t decide if it really replace what my lost Sony Ericsson K700i has done with me. What do you think would be the best option? To buy a phone with higher specifications than my previous one or just buy a phone that can call and can text? Can you suggest me of the brand? Or model? Include its price also.
To you!, yeah you! Who pick up my k700i cellphone. It is not your fault. But I hope you belong yourself to the 5% of the population with the most honest heart.


  1. Buy a new one.. any affordable that has good features ofcourse =) hmm..pwede din iph0ne! Hmp..mayaman ka naman eh..

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  2. My sympathy is with u S!r! nWaLan d!n aq nG pHone 2 think n wLa p xah 1 year skin hmmm,

    Buy k n Lng Sir ng Bago AffOrd m nmn,,hehehe