Thursday, August 4, 2011

Christopher Lao on his Floating Car in Flood Issues (Video)

Christopher Lao's name has recently trended in news and social networking sites. This is after he drove his car in flood "unknowingly" so it floated. Christopher Lao, a University of the Philippines (UP) student received offensive comments and insults on SNS sites specifically in Twitter and Facebook immediately after GMA aired the incident video on news.

Former UP Dean of Law, Marvic Leonen already gave her statements regarding the incident. As quoted, she said:

"You may be amused by the mistakes or misfortunes of others. But this does not entitle you to degrade their entire character or make conclusions about their whole person. Christopher Lao does not deserve the treatment he is getting from others on Facebook and Twitter. And yes, he is from UP College of Law and we are still proud of him"

Howie Severino, Editor-in-Chief of GMA News online also aired his side regarding the issue. In a GMA news article, as quoted,

"Mr. Lao was already victimized by the flood and a lack of warnings. He shouldn't be victimized again. Many of us could have been in his situation. We are urging the public to stop the insults. We regret that our video, which was meant to provide a lesson for all motorists, was used in any way to make fun of another person."
Christopher Lao already gave his official statement regarding the issue, he said:

"The past few days have been very disheartening for me and my family. As you know I have been a subject of a viral video that showed my helplessness during a trying moment. As it stands right now, I have several hate pages in Facebook and Twitter with hurtful and derogatory messages attacking my person. The reputation that I built the past years has been besmirched. A bad day has now turned into wounded feelings and sleepless nights for me and my family.

I have been silent the past few days as I want this to go away soon but not before saying sorry and thank you to people who matter.

I would like to apologize for my behavior that was seen on nationwide television and now on the internet. It was unfortunate that I was caught on camera immediately after an overwhelmingly stressful mishap.

I would like to again sincerely thank those who braved the flood to help a distraught stranger like me. Their selfless act reminded me of how dependable Filipinos are in times of crisis.

Lastly, I would like to thank my family, friends and all of those who showed empathy, consideration and support throughout these trying times. You have given me strength and courage to rise above and be a better person."

Meanwhile, here is the video of Christopher Lao's floating car in flood.

Video courtesy of leoneil01


  1. Who in the hell makes fun of a person that is in distress. Some sick people with nothing better to do. How about coming up with a way to save the Philippine economy? You seem to have plenty of time on your hands, so figure that out and quit being idiots.

  2. "baket ako? *tawang maangas* (i-know-all)"

  3. Well, it's fine already because the person accept the mishap...:)

  4. can't people have the right to criticize and poke fun at brainless college grads anymore?

    can't people have the god-given-right to laugh at someone's mere stupidity?

    Come on, Christopher Lao made lots of people laught that day so at lease he made a name for himself, ironically.

    Lighten up people or develop aneurism and knock yourself out of the gene pool.

  5. if there's a relatively large body ofwater in front of you where there used to ba a raod and you are driving a sedan that relatively low to the ground, you'd be concerned.

    if there's traffic in front of a flooded street and no one is even trying to go across it ... you'd be concerned.

    if no one on foot is wading in that body of water, you'd be concern.

    Christopher Lao, out of his lack of common sense over rode those concerns, tried to drive across it snd then BLAME someone else for him not being informed.

    come on, he need to be made fun of and ridiculed.

    we make fun of the wretched so why do the wealthy be immune criticism and ridicule?

  6. What a waste of Tax Payers Money !!! tsk tsk might be a honored student in the academic world but equally not street smart. I wonder is ARROGANCE now the life blood of Skolar ng Bayan?

  7. The guy already apologized for his actions... I hope people will see beyond his imperfections...

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  11. people should know what's the problem and not make straight untrue stories or stories that makes people look bad, because do they know how it feels to look bad at everyone? maybe so, but they should also think of what they would feel if they were on their position…