Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who is the Girl, Woman and Model in Azkals Scandal? (Picture)

Last week, a rumor circulated that four of the Azkals football team member raped a woman in the house of their team manager named Dan Palami. Netizens are now concerned and similarly asking this question, "Who is this girl, woman and model involved in Azkals rape scandal?".

Recent reports revealed the concerned girl, she is a former glamor model of a men's magazine show. She was recently removed on the roster of current models because of the circulating issues involving her. Quoted from ABS-CBN, she said

"We’ve been rehearsing for days. I gave my heart to it…. They pulled me out of the show, wala naman akong ginagawa to everyone"

"That's harassment. This is my job and I insisted that I’d be part of the show… I put my heart to it, I dedicated myself. All my efforts are nasayang lang kasi I’m not going to be part of it"

Model involved in Azkals scandal issue

Days after the issue, so many speculations about the girl came out. One of the suspected girls was Michelle Madrigal but she denied the issue (via PEP) and said,

"People should stop assuming..I'm friends with neil,simon n anton.wala naman kayong alam kaya sana wag kayo gumawa ng kwento.don't hate coz I'm cool w them!to all the fans I'm NOT dating neil etheridge.I don't normally care about what people say but your words are hurting me deeply.thank u n godbless!"

Update: Yesterday, the model attended the FHM Victory Sexiest Women 2011 victory party and extended her good luck message to Azkals.

Picture courtesy of ABS-CBN


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