Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pnoy in Desk Doing Nothing Picture while in Front of the Ashtray in Malacanang Office Goes Viral

The photo of Pnoy (Benigno Aquino III) seating on his Malacanang office desk - doing nothing in front of few folders and big ashtray is continuously being the center of attention of netizens.

Reports said that the picture was initially posted at Facebook and in just a short span of time, it encouraged nasty and below the belt reactions from the social networking members.

As shown in the picture, Pnoy awkwardly posed in the camera while in front of him is the large crystal ashtray and cigarettes box.

As reported, the blogger named Raissa Robles was the one who posted the comments of the awkward picture of the President in Facebook.

She also mentioned in her article that the shot was authentic, she even posted this picture of President Aquino together with Presidential Communications Secretary Ricky Carandang and Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa.

The background wallpaper of the President's office in the spreading photo is exactly the same in the above posted photo.

Meanwhile, the Malacanang Palace through Abigail Valte, Presidential Spokesman defended the president on this issue. She said that the table of the President is being cleared at the end of the day and does his work at the Bahay Pangarap.

She added that Aquino is not holding any cigarette or lighter in this picture.

Pnoy is not yet giving his statements regarding this office awkward photo.

Photos courtesy of Raissa Robles

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  1. I Think it is a BIG Mistake to comment regarding President Pnoy of smoking, it is his personal choice and we Filipinos should respect what is his personal while doing his job very well. I would like to suggest instead of smoking are the womanizer and gambling of other Politician and congressman since this is the TRUE root of the CORRUPTION to sustain their vices and life style. We as Filipinos who are a tax payer, we should concerned the Public funds and the direction of our government for self sustained development and not those NON SENSE issue especially those personal things that we are not Affected. It seems we are Idiot when we are talking of non sense smoking. Remeber we have a freedom of chice including our Presidet.