Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pinoy Dancing Twin Video Goes Viral in the Internet

The "Pinoy" (Filipino) dancing "Hey Ya" twin video goes viral in internet streaming and social networking sites. The video has been posted in Youtube by Choynina dated June 20, 2011 but continuously gaining hits from netizens. As of today, July 27, 2011, the dancing twin video has been viewed 2,101,240 times.

According to reports, the US-based twin toddlers (Justin and Jeremy Garcia) are Filipinos. In some of their video, it seems that they are playing a dance synchronicity game with their Wii. These kids has been featured already at popular US websites and blogs such as Huffingtonpost, NYMag and CBS News.

Meanwhile, here are the videos of the Pinoy Dancing Twin

Video courtesy of Choynina

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