Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mark Gil - Andi Eigenmann's Father Statement in his Daughter's Pregnancy

Mark Gil, Andi Eigenmann's father officially gave his statements regarding the recent pregnancy issue concerning his daughter.

Mark, though did not directly identified the father of Andi's baby, called him as hypocrite and pathetic animal.

As quoted from the statements of ABS-CBN report, Mark Gil said,

"The father will remain unknown. Di na mahalaga yun. Maraming tatayong ama sa apo ko, lalo na ako. I wouldn’t wish my grandchild to a wimpy father who is still breast-fed by his mother. Masakit sa kahit sinong babae na ginulpi at binuntis at tinalikuran, tapos papalabasin pa na si Andi ang maraming boyfriend. At may DNA test pa na hinihingi. Such a hypocrite and pathetic animal"

From the these statements of Mark, it is very clear that the father of Andi's baby is Albie Casino, her first boyfriend.

Mark also extended his apologies to Jake Ejercito who was once speculated as the father of Andi Eigenmann's baby.He said that Jake is very refined, their family like him a lot.

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