Saturday, July 9, 2011

Derek Ramsay Son Austin Gabriel with Mary Christine Jolly Rumors

After the controversies that involve Derek Ramsay last week specifically about the discovery of his present Indian wife, another related rumor hits the hunk actor.

A rumor is now circulating that Derek Ramsay has a son with Fil-Indian Mary Christine Jolly named Austin Gabriel.

The issue started in the user posted comment from Filipinasinshowbiz. As quoted by a commenter named Coby,

"it is true. he is married to mary christine jolly-ramsay and they have a son together – austin gabriel who is now almost 8 years old. i can vouch for this as she was my officemate here in dubai"

Another commenter named Lei supported Coby's statements and said,

"Well yes. It is an open secret here in Dubai. It was in 2009, when Derek’s son needs to renew his passport at the Philippine Consulate. Go check from NSO – his son’s name is Austin Gabriel Ramsay. Apparently Derek does not want anything to do with his son, so the wife is fending for themselves."

Meanwhile, Derek Ramsay is not yet giving any statements regarding the rumors.

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