Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CHED - Trending Topic in Twitter after Class Suspension (Netizen Reactions)

The word CHED (Commission on Higher Education) is currently trending in Twitter. This is after CHED didn't announce any college class suspension yesterday, July 27, 2011 in National Capital Region (NCR) and other affected areas of the typhoon Juaning. It was earlier mentioned that CHED has a memorandum order which includes the guidelines of class suspension. (Read the guidelines here)

Here are some of netizen reactions:

"Salamat naman CLASSES SUSPENDED! Ayaw ko na ulit mabasa at Mastranded sa Baha! Salamat Sa #ched" - Christine Gubat

"if hindi na #ched ang nag dedeclare ng suspension as per the memo, bakit inaantay pa ng universities at colleges ang kanilang announcement" - Raymund D

"anyway, #ched has a point in the reiteration of their circulated memo, kids ignorant enough of the existing memo should just shut up since it was issued last 2010. They shouldn't blame #ched for passing the decision over the school heads. Nang dahil sa typhoon." - ClongClong

"If #ched keeps on leaving the suspension to the universities, it might as well not have the authority to make a decision at all" - Bea Padilla

You may also read other reactions in Twitter.

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  1. i just wish the announcements will be done at midnight kawawa naman kasi yung mga nabyahe pa