Thursday, July 28, 2011

#Azkalswebelieve is Trending Worldwide (Netizens Reactions)

#Azkalswebelieve word is currently trending worldwide. This was after the second leg football match between Azkals and Kuwait in Rizal Stadium dated July 28, 2011 wherein Kuwait won at 2-1.

Here are some of their reactions in Twitter:
#azkalswebelieve I'm so proud to be Pinoy! Keep doing your thing Azkals, we're always behind you! Thank you for uniting our country! - G Ricasata

now @PhilYHusband reminds me of my country men gourcuff and nasri.. All you need now is work on your stamina and precision #azkalswebelieve - Jossy Onwude

bilib ako kay @chieffy_13 !! idol! true example of relentless perseverance - Drexler John Cruz

#azkalswebelieve in you.:) its a nice game.. though its hard but i saw you efforts.:) try again nxt tym.:) - chie

#azkalswebelieve is trending number 2 worldwide!!! let's applaud the team for not giving up despite kuwait's wall defense... - GENERHolics

#azkalswebelieve . Even though they did not make it.. we still believe :) Proud of them - Your Dilemma

the game is done and the tweets are lessening.. whew #azkalswebelieve - Zahra Bianca Saldua

WOW. #azkalswebelieve is trending that high. :') <3 Even though we lost, we put up a good game. <3 LOVE YOU GUYS. ♥ - Chelsea

WOW! #azkalswebelieve no.1 trending topic worldwide..Nice.. - Jep Orande

Be proud the Azkals made it this far, even though they lost, they did incredible! - Billie Reyes

#azkalswebelieve dontcha worry. i will promise to support you till the very end. sayang wala si Angel Locsin for @PhilYHusband inspiration - Mich N. Belieber

#azkalswebelieve this is just the beginning but still in the end surely we will end victorious! - ace manuel

But, nice game! Sad that Azkals didn't get to catch up tho :( now they know how to beat kuwait in the future heheh #azkalswebelieve in u! - Milana Tapawan ☺

#azkalswebelieve that you won't lose hope. There's so many oppurtunities in the future. GO lang ng GO !! :) - ricaglee★

#azkalswebelieve <3 <3 so sad that they lost, but they tried their best! - Andie♥Jumba

nice game @PHI_Azkals ok lng 'yun marami pa nmang mga games !!! bawi nlng tau nxt tym #azkalswebelieve..... I'm still proud of you guyz !! - marie mae voluntate

#azkalswebelieve 1st on the trending list WW! Wow. Despite their lose Filipinos are still proud, including me! :)

#azkalswebelieve ok lng 'yan! we still love you! - chin chin lio
In participation with this, Wallyibong wants to extend to Philippine Azkals that despite their lost - we.. as well as the rest of Filipino people are very proud of you............ "Through thick and thin."

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