Sunday, July 10, 2011

Andi Eigenmann Baby is a Girl - Says his Father

Mark Gil, biological father of Andi Eigenmann confirmed that Andi Eigenmann's baby is a girl. He said that their family is not regretful for the pregnancy of her daughter, but very excited on September.

Meanwhile, Mark extended his message to the father of Andi's baby. As quoted from the interview of  The Buzz,

“We’re not asking anything from you, boy, I just hope your parents teach you well. Do you have parents? What kind of parents do you have? Nanggugulpi ka nang babae hindi ka man lang pinangaralan. Ngayon, papalabasin ninyo pa na we are happy and we are willing to have DNA test. Come on, that’s enough the insult"

He also revealed that the previous boyfriend of Andi asked her to abort the baby.

“Hindi pa ito, meron pa akong alam. Pinainom pa nang abortive pill. There are too much details of it that I don’t want to touch about it."

The camp of Albie Casino is not giving their statements yet regarding the issue.

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