Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wildfire in Arizona is not yet contained as of June 4, 2011 (Photo)

One of the largest wildfire in the history of Arizona continues to hit the mountain retreats of Arizona, USA. Huge as its smoke reach 200 miles away.

CNN reported that there are almost thousand personnel trying to stop this wildfire but as of June 4, 2011 (US time), the fire is not yet contained. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer said that they have spent 3 million dollars already just to stop the wildfire which had reached 140, 000 acres already.

Nearly 2,500 people evacuated the place as the fire remained unstoppable. A mandatory evacuation order was raised to the communities of Paradise, East Whitetail Canyon, international reports said.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

"The fire is burning pretty fast and it's pretty large. It's a big fire and we hope that we get more encouraging news in the morning.", Governor Jon Brewer said.

Meanwhile, here are the photos of Arizona Wildfire

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  1. i hope the fire will be contained sooner lets hope for the best