Thursday, May 5, 2011

Maggi Noodles of Nestle Philippines Recall - Salmonella Contamination

The largest distributor of instant noodles in the Philippines, Nestle, has recalled their most popular Maggi noodle products. Chicken and Beef flavored Maggi variants are threatened to have contaminated with salmonella virus.

Nestle Philippines spokesperson clarified that the Maggi noodles recall has been announced to protect the public and warned for an immediate precautionary measures. They said that their products are safe to be eaten once it was properly cooked. Right now, the manufacturing of the reported salmonella-contaminated Maggie products was temporarily stopped until further investigation.

Meanwhile, customers who already bought the contaminated noodle products can contact the Nestle Philippines hotline at these given contact numbers:

898-0061 (Metro Manila)
1-800-100-637853 (provinces, toll-free)

News reports from ABS-CBN said that the salmonella virus probably came from a contaminated ingredient that is mixed during manufacturing.

As quoted, Director of the Food and Drugs Administration, Suzette Lazo said;

"According to law, they have to do this, when they discover that there is something that would be harmful to consumers. They complied with that law, and this is a very responsible thing that they did."


  1. it seems like most, if not all, factories have disregarded the rules of sanitation and cleanliness leading to these kinds of events. i hope the other brands are clean!

  2. its a good thing that they had the initiative to recall their products and warn the consumers

  3. Salmonella is not a virus. It is a bacteria that can be present in water, soil, eggs and meat.

  4. its only a maggi noodles that contaminate salmonella?

  5. Which specific ingredient is contaminated with salmonella? Maggi did not disclose it. It's a good thing that they took full responsibility and recalled the said contaminated products before something serious happens.

  6. That's alarming! Didn't BFAD say that they were also going to check other Nestle products for contamination? Shame on nestle for this breach in safety. Salmonella is a serious matter!

  7. okay, what's important now is that the responsible company did the right thing before things get worse. if we are just going to react negatively, what's the point?

  8. does't magi have a quality control test. sucks that many people still patronize their products