Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mikey Bustos Filipino Tutorial Videos went Viral in Youtube

Mikey Bustos, a 29 year old Filipino-Canadian citizen is making a hit in Youtube. His online fame just doesn't limit to Filipino viewers but to some foreign citizens primarily in US and Canada. Mikey is a singer and had appeared in Canadian show dubbed as "Canadian Idol". He is a performer and had showcased his music in some of the states in the US like Chicago, California, New York, among others. He had also appeared in some of the local TV shows like Eat Bulaga, SOP, Unang Hirit, SIS and other shows in GMA.

Mikey is now gaining his popularity in Youtube for his recorded tutorial videos about Filipino traditions, habits and practices in dining, language, courting, using the comfort room and the like. You may also want to see some of his viral videos right after. His video on Filipino accent tutorial already reached half million views.

Traditional Filipino Courting

Filipino Balut Egg Tutorial

Filipino Dining Tutorial

Videos courtesy of Mikey Bustos

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