Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Diana Arevalo: Force, Freshness, Fierceness, Fire!

Bb. Pilipinas 2011 candidate Diana Arevalo is consistently being admired by pageant experts in most internet thread. From the moment she auditioned for this prestigious beauty pageant, the returning Bb. Pilipinas candidate is continuously stepping up her game.

Many spectators assert that Diana is a chameleon beauty as she easily transforms in different personas every time she appears. Her initial headshot for the pageant showing her bare back and sideway curl screams sensuality and fire. It is consistently voted as one of the best headshots in the pageant. Her body shot in which she is clad in blue spaghetti strap has an enigmatic aura that defines her well-toned body as she struck a pose in her pouty, red lips.

The second headshot of Diana Arevalo left spectators in admiration. Dressing her in a carroty one piece swimwear adorned by pearl necklaces and bronze clunky wrist bangle is a blazing statement in itself. As they say, the girl is loved by the camera.

She is also regarded as a classic and old-school beauty. This was proven when she nailed the fashion show despite being dressed in a tacky Cumbia dress. As they declare, she is regal, queenly and majestic. And who would forget her glamorous and imperial elegance during the Bb. Pilipinas

primer? None, I guess for the girl becomes everyone’s sentimental favorite.

And now, the girl is out for another swimsuit picture and in itself, she characterizes a beauty queen whom everyone wants to be donned with a crown!

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