Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chiz Escudero and Pops Fernandez Rumored Love Affair

After the controversial break up of Senator Chiz Escudero with his wife, Christine Flores, Chiz Escudero is now being linked to Pops Fernandez and currently being rumored for their love affairs. Earlier blog reports said that Chiz and Pops were spotted together at Mckinley Road in Makati City.

Pops Fernandez clarified the rumored love affair issues in the press conference of her concert entitled "Pops Fernandez in Fashion". As reported in TV Patrol, Pops was shocked when she heard about the issue because she doesn't even know Chiz in person. As quoted, she said

"I just woke up when I got a text and I just fell off my bed, only because I've never really met him"

Pops was also previously linked to Jojo Ochoa but she then clarified that these circulating issues are also hoax. 

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