Tuesday, April 19, 2011

AJ Perez Driver (Christopher Bautista) and Partas Driver (Julie Brillantes) Suit Case

Christopher Bautista, the ABS-CBN van driver and happened to be the driver of AJ Perez way back to Manila when the accident happened in Tarlac which caused the teen actor's death is now being the center of attention by press and online readers.

Reports said that the Bautista filed a reckless imprudence resulting to homicide and damage to property against the Partas bus driver named Julie Brillantes. However, Brillantes filed a counter suit case against Bautista.

Aside from  the explanation that Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) is seeking from Partas, the drivers of the bus company are also required to have a seminar in driving and be subjected to drug testing.

Here is the video report from GMA News Balitanghali


  1. ayan nagtuturuan na un mga driver...sana malutas agad ang kaso na to

  2. Humaharorot talaga ang mga van nang ABS CBN noon pumunta kami lian batangas kung maka overtake akala mo emergency kaya for me kasalanan nun van since nasa tamang lane naman ang bus nang partas.

  3. kasalanan talaga ng driver ng van yung nagyari. dapat yung driver lang van ang managot hindi kasali ang driver ng bus. sya yung nag overtake, alanganin sya mag overtake. kahit mag preno na yung bus, hindi basta basta makakahinto ang bus nuh lalo na na't nasa national highway. pag nilihis naman agad nung bus para iwasan agad yung van na parating baka hindi lang isa ang namatay may posibilidad na mag crush din yung partas at mas maraming pasahero ang madamay.