Sunday, April 17, 2011

AJ Perez Death, a Rico Yan Look-a-Like: Same Faces, Same Fate

Life is really full of surprises! When the untimely death of ABS-CBN actor AJ Perez reached my ears, I can’t help but think of the same fate that the late Ricardo Carlos Castro Yan aka Rico Yan had nine years ago. Looking at them, one could attest to the fact that they both possess the same boy-next-door faces, with enigmatic smiles overflowing with sincerity and youthful dreams. And sadly, both of them had untimely demise at the height of their budding careers just when everyone in the country, both fans and friends in the industry, thinks of how blessed the two had been as artists.

Rico Yan was a former member of ABS-CBN's circle of homegrown talents named Star Magic and was under contract with ABS-CBN. On March 29, 2002, the day after shooting a television commercial for Talk n' Text at the Dos Palmas Resort in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Rico died of cardiac arrest due to acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis while asleep. He was buried in Manila Memorial Park, Parañaque City and died at the age of 27.

Antonello Joseph Perez or AJ Perez is also a member of Star Magic and a rising star of ABS-CBN. He died in a car accident after meeting an accident at along McArthur Highway in Barangay San Julian, Tarlac. He attended an event in Dagupan with co-artists from ABS-CBN. However, he was declared dead on arrival after having been rushed to the hospital due to the accident. He died at the age of 18.

AJ and Rico were proof to the fact that nothing is permanent in this world. The best thing about these two artists, they have been inspiration to many. And even in their untimely passing, they would always be remembered for the good examples they have shown when they were still living!

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  1. is so very unpredictable...we don't know what happen tomorrow... but still we need to accept the fact that there is no permanent in this world...ang kailangan lang natin ngayon is always prepared....bcoz it is not a matter of age but kung kailan tayo kunin ng DIYOS....and we don't need to worry when that time coming soon...magtiwala lang tayo sa KANYA....