Monday, March 7, 2011

Toni Gonzaga Secret Marriage with Paul Soriano Issue

The ABS-CBN host Toni Gonzaga has denied the issue that she and Paul Soriano, a movie and television director are set to a secret marriage this coming May at one particular venue in Tagaytay.

According to ABS-CBN, Toni said in a text message that the rumors are just hoax. She said that she has no engagement ring at all. However, she felt glad about the circulating issue. Similar to the thoughts of her fans, she is also expecting the same thing - to get married soon.

In her previous interviews, Toni said that her ideal age of marriage is 30. Because by that time, she already enjoyed all the leading man in Philippine showbiz (her joke) and already enjoyed her work in the industry. She also pointed that the opportunity in entertainment industry only knocks once while getting settled can be at anytime.

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