Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rico J Puno - Persona non Grata in Cebu for Joking Governor Garcia

Two of Cebu's Provincial Board Members defended their Governor by filing a resolution declaring the OPM Hitmaker "Persona non Grata" in the "Queen City of the South"; which they also retracted, according to reports. This incident happened in a local and national government officials gathering at Mandaue City which was attended by some prominent politicians like Gringo Honasan and Miguel Zubiri.

As summarized, Rico J allegedly commended Governor Gwendolyn Garcia's beauty while followed by an offending joke asking if she had cosmetic operations with Dr. Calayan or Belo.

However, Governor Garcia didn't deny this fact and admitted that she underwent thermage, a surgical procedure for removing facial wrinkles.

"Persona non grata" is a diplomatic term that indicates proscription against a person from entering a particular region, province, city or country.

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