Friday, March 4, 2011

PBB Season 4 Audition in SM MOA was Attended by Almost 10K Participants (Photo)

The recently concluded PBB Season 4 auditions held in Planetarium Parking, SM Mall of Asia (MOA) in Pasig was attended by overwhelming participants of  approximately 10 thousand from different places of Metro Manila.

According to the tweets of Direk Lauren Dyogi, the registration for PBB Season 4 was stopped at about 3 PM today due to flock of reality TV show's enthusiasts. He also confirmed that there are still 6 thousand people waiting to be auditioned.

At about 1PM through a tweet from Bianca Gonzales, PBB Season 4 management also informed those who still want to come to just stay at home because they will not be entertained anymore. There will be a separate audition in Manila .

During the previous episodes, Big Brother encouraged those who want to audition to text through their text line. Will Big Brother also do the same thing today? You can always refer to this fan page (unofficial) for the fresh news and updates about the upcoming reality TV show.

Facebook Fan Page: PBB Season 4 Updates
Blog Updates: PBB Season 4 Updates blog

PBB Season 4 Audition in Planetarium Parking in MOA (Picture)

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  1. this is the craziest yet memorable exoerience ever binilad na sa initan gawa ng audition then all of a sudden may mga sumingit,, hello be civilized nman,,, asar,,,event secu you should put a rope to guide the line pra di kame nasisingitan...

  2. sayang hindi ako nakuha,na sunog lang mukha ko.ive waited for 14hrs.pero sarap ng pakiramdam. my endurance and patience was tested. salamat big brother.

  3. i won't stop... since season 1 pa ko naga-audition... i won't quit... not even direk dyogi can make me quit...

  4. i didnt make ìt para mkapasa sa screenìng,memörable kc subrang tgal ng audition,msaya daming kalokohan.angat ang mga kakaibang lo0k..

  5. happy atlast... unang audition ko teen edition batch nina kim... pero di ako naka abot sa cut off time.. hopefully may magandang mangyari .. sana housemate ako this season.. un na sana gift sakin sa b-day ko.

  6. ano pala gagawin sa audition? interview lang?