Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mara Clara Chicago based fan - Pamela del Rosario meets Kathyrn Bernardo

Mara Clara avid fan - Pamela Andrea del Rosario from Chicago USA, finally met and talked with the real and alive Mara in a Skype video conversation held earlier today. According to ABS-CBN reports, Pamela affirmed that she will exert her continuous support until the end of the soap opera. Likewise, Kathyrn Bernardo also thanked her for her unfailing and constant support. She also wished of seeing her personally.

Pamela Andrea became popular for a viral Youtube video featuring her very worried reaction over the death of Mara in an explosion.

When she was asked about this, she said that she was just carried away by Dimples Romana's acting skills. She just put herself into her shoes, thinking that she also lost someone special.

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