Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Manny Pacquaio tweets "Lolo mong Panot" - Manny deleted CongMP Twitter Account

Sarangani representative Manny Pacquiao allegedly tweeted "Lolo mong Panot" over two of the twitter users who questioned his absence in the plenary debates at the house of representatives, local reports said. It is unquestionable because he is currently on his boxing training for a Mosley-Pacquiao fight scheduled on May 7, 2011 at Las Vegas, Nevada. But what caught the online readers attention was the alleged consecutive funny responses from the pound for pound king.

As quoted at his official twitter account @CongMP, he said

"I vote NO! and I can give my explanation thanks". Manny Pacquaio's response over the impeachment complaint against Merceditas Gutierrez .

"I'm watching impeachment trial very interesting topic good night everyone thanks". 

Randrat reacted over Manny's tweets and said, "@nerveending to hell with @congmp. Why the f****k did you run for congress when you know you'd barely be present? @momblogger"

It was replied by Momblogger. She said, "wondering too RT @RAndRat: @nerveending to hell with @congmp. "

Manny answered these responses and said in a very funny and childish quote, "@RAndRat e di mag reklamo ka sa lolo mong panot hahahaha"

Due to mixed reactions that flooded over twitter, Manny said that he will be deleting his twitter account. He did. CongMP twitter account doesn't exist anymore in Twitter.

After all these exchange of tweets, the question is.... Is this really Manny?

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