Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jackie Chan is dead - RIP Jackie Chan Rumors True or Not?

The death of Jackie Chan is currently trending now on Twitter. Though it's not yet April, some of the Twitter fan has been fooled by this rumor. The hoax actually started in the article posted in pastehtml. As quoted from the article, Jackie Chan's death happened during the promotion of his recent film, Kung Fu Panda 2. He suffered from heart attack while doctors said that this was due to too much stress and pressure.

An alleged report that even the President of the United States, Barack Obama gave a personal message saying that “Jackie Chan is a man who can talk through talent, he is a constant reminder of the strength of humanity. He will forever be in our hearts, a true inspiration who inspired many generations. First it's Nate Dogg then it's Jackie Chan."

This "RIP Jacki Chan" issue encouraged bulk of reactions in various social networking sites.

Mz4Something of Yahoo Answers said, "Jackie Chan has been reported dead at least once a year since 2004. This is internet pranksters that think they are being funny. He's very much alive."

SuperJamielee of Twitter also believed that this is just a joke, she said ""RIP Jackie chan" is an april fool joke! Kinda shocked,though. Gosh!"

Jacob Pontil was also shocked with this rumor, he quoted "my sister just said that and i got sad so i searched up on the internet and i found heaps of rumors, some even from Jan. i hope his alive D: his awesome."

"RIP Jackie Chan?! woah! can't think of a topic? it's just a fool!", mDelites19 of Twitter.

Jackie Chan is not yet giving any statements regarding this trending "death" topic.

Update: Jackie Chan through the official Jackie Chan fan site account in Twitter officially said that the death rumors are just hoax. He is very much alive and currently filming his new movie. As quoted,

Jackie is alive and well. He did not suffer a heart attack and die, as was reported on many social networking sites and in online news reports.

Jackie is fine and is busy preparing for the filming of his next movie.


  1. i had to confirm cause i found it hard to believe

  2. That poor guy...I almost had an heart attack just Seeing (RIP Jackie Chan).Thank goodness It is not true.

  3. He Is Not Yet Dead Trust Me

  4. wen my friend told me i was cofused..so i had 2 search.tank GOD.. JACk is nt dead

  5. up 2 nw mi no believe bcuz jackie is one of my favourite actors who i look 2 especially wen am bore i put in 1 of is movie that how much i lv im so dnt get my head twisted

  6. Me too i did't believe dat jackie is dead he is still alive... He is my man so he can't be dead so soon

  7. For a minute dere I actually thought it was True.But thankfully its Just a Hoax.... I love me some Jackie Chan...