Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Azkals vs Palestine Football Live Updates - no Live Video Streaming

The Philippine football team - Azkals, is currently on its battle against Palestine team as part of the qualifying stage for AFC Challenge Cup 2012.

Dianne Castillejo, the ABS-CBN sports correspondent who is currently watching the game also gave Azkals fans live updates via twitter. Here are some of her tweets.

# another attempt by pales niel gets it yes!!
# so many defenders chiefy down got hit in bad spot 
# chiefy with the ball passing to anghel about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck
# corner kick palestine
# palestine stealing the ball from us but we're nearer
# keeper to keeper kick niel has it now about
# nope they gave it back to palestine
# sayang saygn we're near goal ian down but its our ball
# niel is back!!!! long kick to now gier to ali in back ali bring it don to lucena to chiefy go left wing

# ok niel is up guys back to playing long kick niel about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck
# i think niel jumped so high and hit the post maybe hurt his fingers or hand phil medic not checking
# oh my god! long kick by palestine almost went it thank God hit goal post niel leaped up to post and he is now down oh no
# foul by palesinte first one, ball to phils mucniel kicks long to anghel
# another attempt by palestine way over goal post,
# palestine left sing to thank GOd guy missed attempt high ball
# simon yellow card near pales goal
# game contines
# go chiefy now! bring it tackeld by palestinian but now on the ground medic in field
# throw in by anton ok now now cmon from right side
# anghel loses ball vs 3 defenders butnow phils ball again
# sayang kanina anton to ian chest but no one in front to kick in about
# niel cathces long kick
# free kick for pales blocked by pinoy wall
# foul chiefy against much taller palestinian
# anton to ian go
# lucena to chiefy left wing
# niel gets ball good
# good dfense ali, but corner kick for pales
# 22 mins past long kick from goal keeper to goal keeper
# anton to anghel oops lost ball
# back to phils ball anton throw in to lucena go lucena
# sayang simon to james to the corner he couldnt reach it bfore line ball for palestine
# we started off better, now palestine has more ball possession but niel now long kick to anghel ian go
# almost 20 mins phil needs to get more plays going
# palestine good ball handling , 5 go back to defense on our offense they re protecting goal
# corner kick for Palestine now ok we got out of it palestine
# sorry for typos, watching game. so far 0--0 16 mins to the game
# corning kick for phil
# foul by Simon
# good catch by Neil after Pal`s free kick
# foul by aly
# corning kick for Pal but defense cleared it
# long kick palestine jerry heads it to phil now in possession gier to anton
# throw in anton about
# game na! about
# azkals huddle to pray on the field pray also every1 we need to win
# players handshake after this its game time! team photos palestine do their cheer
# phils planning to press in first few minutes i hear, lets see
# niel ian anghel chiefy simon james jerry alibor anton delro jonsson and gier starting 11.
# palestine anthem palestine team in all read, jerry lucena playing his first game for phils team coming from denmark
# national anthem philippines players in white with gold numbers go phils
# palestine players are tall but hopefull we can outrun then., we are more agile, better ball skills i feel, based on their game with bang

As I browsed the internet and look for online video streaming, I haven't found any, so just enjoy the narrated tweets of Dianne above.

Tweets courtesy of Dianne Castillejo

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