Friday, March 4, 2011

Angelica Panganiban and Phil Younghusband Controversy Heats Up

Philippine showbiz is really unpredictable! This time the war is between ABS-CBN’s premiere character actress Angelica Panganiban and Azkals’ English- Filipino football player Phil Younghusband fans.

The rift between them started when Angelica posted Twitter, showing that she is apparently not happy about the supposed movie of Phil. The Banana Split actress posted on her Twitter account that she was surprised because Phil has an Indie film knowing that he is a football player and not an actor. She further tweeted that she is hoping that Phil would rather focus on football because that is for our country.

This comment of Angelica caught the ire of some fans of the football player who even tweeted back nasty remarks regarding the situation in defense of Phil.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Angelica cried and said her piece of mind. She said that she was just honest with her opinion on Phil that if he wants to become an artist, he should have joined Pinoy Big Brother (PBB). She further said that the name of her boyfriend Derek Ramsay is now being dragged in the issue. Negative rumors about him being a Frisbee player are also thrown by fans. In her tears, Angelica revealed that Derek has always been helping his teammates whenever their team has international tournament. She said that her boyfriend has been doing this silently and it’s unfair for him to be caught in the issue.

Meanwhile, Angelica stated that they are going to push through in suing those Azkals’ fans who gave them remarks which are already below the belt. On the other hand, Phil said that he does not have the plan to enter the showbiz industry.


  1. WTF?

    Suing... What crybabies.

  2. GOSH! ... not making sense! Angelica P, u better THINK! THINK! THINK! post kasi ng post hindi nag-iisip, iyon lang naman. :D

  3. many people are not agree with angelica's decision by suing the person who have the same level with her. same level because they have the same language. she's suing the person because she have so many money to pay for the attorney. and suing striker also is a obvious way of another 'patol'. tsk! childish act, both and angelica wasted their time by tweeting abusive words to each other. tumatandang walang pinagkatadaan, and pagiging matapang is not all about fighting the same way, a brave person is also thinking intellectual ways to defend him/herself. sana pala nakipag bungangaan na lang si Rizal at Nonoy sa mga kalaban nila, but they didn't they use their wisdom. unlike angelica ang the striker well, cheap fight is what I can say and it's not matapang at all, palengkerahan lang.