Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sharon Cuneta vs Hayden Kho tweet about her Marie France billboard

Sharon Cuneta already gave her statements regarding the "pull-out and removal issue" of her newest billboard endorsement in Marie France. Hayden Kho also received an indirect spicy remarks from the Mega Star.

The issue actually started from a circulating text message that Sharon's posted billboard picture is very different from what is being seen on television, therefore it should be removed.

"Bago siya magbenta ng pabango, pabanguhin niya muna ang kanyang imahe.", this was the alleged tweet of Hayden's competitor which caused him to repost a much spicy tweet. PEP reported through their interview with Jojie Dingong, Belo Medical Group Consultant that this tweet is not for the Mega Star but for the launching of another perfume line.

Sharon versus Hayden Kho

Hayden seemed surprised with the Sharon's remarks and posted in his Twitter account the following statement:

"That was quite a wounding tirade from someone i respect. Ironic, really. Very ironic."

Not knowing about Hayden's explanations, Sharon indirectly expressed her dismay and anger to Hayden in an interview with PEP, she said:

"Ako, it's my opinion, mas stupid namang isipin mo na gagawin yung billboard na yun, starring yours truly, tapos makikita mo ako sa Star Power na ang laki pala! Hindi naman gano'n, di ba? Sabi ko, ni-launch ko, live in person, yun ang background ko sa stage. Tapos, mambabastos siya? As far as I'm concerned, stupid people shouldn't comment on what is stupid or not!

"If I may add to that: decent people are people I would like to listen to. Not those who do not know the meaning of decency. And who treat women like they're nothing! Excuse me!

"You know, you want to start a war with me? You? Fix all your problems first!"

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