Monday, February 14, 2011

Hayden Kho Won’t Say Sorry to Sharon Cuneta

The rift between Sharon Cuneta and Hayden Kho continues to fuel up after the controversial former celebrity doctor Hayden Kho said that will not apologize to Megastar Sharon Cuneta. Kho had the Megastar’s anger after his controversial tweet about a certain billboard along EDSA.

He told Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP): “I don't feel that I have to say sorry to you, but if you feel that way, then I really can't do anything about it.” He believes that he has done nothing wrong.

Kho already denied that he was referring to Cuneta’s Marie France billboard when he tweeted this: “There’s a billboard ad in EDSA developed by advertisers who think consumer are stupid. Guess.”

However, the Megastar was not convinced by Kho’s denial as she wondered why it took Kho 7 months to react to Joel Cruz’s billboard. On “The Buzz” last Sunday, Cuneta said she was told that Kho was referring to the billboard of Joel Cruz of Aficionado Perfumes that came out in July 2010.

She also said that it was so easy for Kho not to name the billboard he was referring to, so that later on he could easily issue a denial when confronted. The Megastar also mentioned that she does not expect Kho’s apology anymore because even before when the name of KC was dragged in Kho’s controversies, she never received any apology from Kho.

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  1. Hayden is totally right. I agree with him regarding his billboard comment and I agree with his twit for twat. Look, Sharon Cuneta is looking like a beached whale. If she walks down EDSA I would mistake her as an elephant with short snout.