Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ring Magazine Best Fighters for 2010 - Manny Pacquiao topped the list

The pound for pound king, Manny Pacquiao made it again to the top. This was after Ring Magazine regarded Manny as the best boxing fighter in the world for the year 2010. Following him are Floyd Mayweather Jr., Sergio Martinez, Juan Manuel Marquez and many others. The ranking was written in a blog post by William Dettloff on January 4, 2011.

Below is the excerpt of how Dettloff of Ring Magazine described Manny Pacquiao,

As most of us expected, Pacquiao made mincemeat out of Antonio Margarito, who not so long ago everyone was calling the most feared fighter in the world. It wasn’t Pacquiao’s most impressive achievement of the past year; the bludgeoning of Miguel Cotto (KO 12) in November of 2009 gets the nod there, and getting points too is the shutout he pitched against the highly competent if reluctant Joshua Clottey (W 12).

Manny Pacquiao was also regarded as the best fighter last 2009 by the Ring Magazine.

Aside of Manny, Nonito Donaire Jr., "Filipino Flash" also topped the Ring Magazine's list. He was ranked in number 5 right after Juan Manuel Marquez.

Below are the top 10 Best Boxing Fighters for 2010 according to Ring Magazine

1.Manny Pacquiao
Welterweight 52-3-2 (38)
Last Year’s Ranking: 1

2. Floyd Mayweather
Welterweight 41-0 (25)
Last Year’s Ranking: 2

3. Sergio Martinez
World Middleweight Champion/Junior Middleweight 46-2-2 (25)
Last Year’s Ranking: 71

4. Juan Manuel Marquez
World Lightweight Champion 52-5-1 (38)
Last Year’s Ranking: 5

5. Nonito Donaire
Junior Bantamweight 23-1 (15)
Last Year’s Ranking: 6

6. Pongsaklek Wonjongkam
World Flyweight Champion 76-3-1 (40)
Last Year’s Ranking: 41

7. Fernando Montiel
WBC Bantamweight Titleholder 44-2-2 (34)
Last Year’s Ranking: 21

8. Wladimir Klitschko
World Heavyweight Champion 55-3 (49)
Last Year’s Ranking: 20

9. Timothy Bradley
Junior Welterweight 26-0 (11)
Last Year’s Ranking: 30

10. Juan Manuel Lopez
Featherweight 30-0 (27)
Last Year’s Ranking: 29

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