Sunday, January 30, 2011

Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion relationship confirmed in The Buzz

It’s official, Piolo Pascual and KC Concepction are now in a relationship. Piolo admitted it in The Buzz.

A neatly groomed Piolo Pascual dressed in white polo shirt and jeans made the afternoon show The Buzz worth watching. In Charlene Gonzales’ segment Straight from the Heart, Piolo sat comfortably but vocally admitting that he’s nervous because of the issue that he had to answer. The crowd went wild when Piolo came in as Charlene commented positively on the warm admiration shown by the audience for Piolo.

The interview started with Charlene congratulating Piolo for having been chosen by the University of Santo Tomas as one of its four awardees who were built with a man-size replica. Piolo revealed that he was teary-eyed while the statue was being unveiled as his mom told him that, for her, it was the best award that he has ever received as an actor. He then thanked the administration of UST for giving him the opportunity to finish college without so much pressure.

The conversation then switched to the gift given by Piolo’s mom to him as he read the message of his mom tearfully. He confirmed that his mom had so much difficulty during her pregnancy because he has been in her womb for ten months. He further said that he already had his two front teeth when he was born and his mother craved for “champoy” when she was pregnant.

Charlene then asked him if he would allow his son Inigo to enter the showbiz industry as many fans were rooting for him after his appearance in ASAP. Piolo replied that he wants his son to finish his studies first, even high school but if that is what Inigo wants, he will support him. He revealed that his son is now into music and as a father he will back him up for whatever he wants.

The most exciting part of the interview came in when Charlene asked about the status of his lovelife. Straightforwardly, she asked if Piolo is in love with KC Concepcion to which Piolo answered with a meaningful smile. Charlene then asked if he and KC are in a relationship. Trembling and perspiring, Piolo affirmed the fact that they have been together since October 21 last year. He stated that it took him two years to finally get KC’s yes. And he is thankful because the whole family of KC is very accommodating to him.

When she was asked by Charlene if KC is the girl he wants to spend his life with, Piolo answered that it took him eight years to finally fall in love again and he would not confirm it in public, if KC is not the girl he wants to marry. He ended saying that whatever he feels right now, he owes it to the public, to his family and of course to the one whom he calls “My Princess”, KC Concepcion.

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