Saturday, January 29, 2011

Luis Manzano kissing Jasmine Curtis issue is just a hoax

Luis Manzano expressed his dismay about a circulating issue concerning him and Anne Curtis sister. The alleged rumor was about Luis Manzano kissing Jasmine Curtis. Luis falsified the issue in his Saturday talk show (E live) and said that Jasmine is like a sister to him.

He expressed his message directly to those who spread the malicious issue. He said that before someone should invent an issue, try to look at their own mirror and see what really is happening, I love Jasmine as a friend and as my little sister. The issue is shocking and it's definitely a hoax.

Jasmine Curtis is a sister of Showtime mainstay, Anne Curtis. She is the newest actress in TV 5 who will star in Ang Utol kung Hoodlum together with JC de Vera.

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