Sunday, January 9, 2011

apl de ap is courting KC Concepcion

The controversy involving apl de ap of Black Eyed Peas and ABS-CBN artist KC Concepcion was finally clarified in one of the segments of The Buzz last Sunday wherein KC explained the whole matter and shed light in the courting issue.

During the segment, she said that it is true that she joined apl de ap in his gift-giving program in Pampanga. She said that she was with her cousin while apl de ap was with his American friends. According to KC, it almost took two years before she and apl de ap finally became friends. At first, she was hesitant to accept the friendship because of their distance, but she was touched by apl’s kind gesture of reaching out to her. KC further said that she admired apl because of the charity he organized in his hometown.

KC also revealed that she was given a Tiffany bracelet by apl as a Christmas gift. She said that apl handed it to her during her visit in Pampanga. When she was asked by Charlene, Toni and Boy Abunda in The Buzz segment if apl is courting her, she said that they are better off as friends. KC even said that she wants to meet new friends this 2011, friends which she could keep for the rest of his life. She was even teased by the three regarding the rumor that apl is inviting her for a date in the US to which she just kept mum.

Her rumored boyfriend, ultimate heartthrob Piolo Pascual, was also interviewed regarding the issue. Piolo said he knew that KC and apl are good friends and he’s happy for them. He never gave nay comment regarding the bracelet given to KC by apl.


  1. Sorry this is all false. KC didn't join Apl in Pampanga. They only met once and on Apl's last day in Manila. They met in greenbelt!

  2. OO hindi totoo un. Yun bracelet hindi xmas gift token lang for taking time to meet with him. Kawawa naman si nagagamit sa showbiz

  3. if ever naman n totoo yun wla naman siguro masama .. diba ? :)

  4. yap, i agree wala namang masama kung totoo, anyone is entitled and free to do things he feels appropriate