Sunday, December 12, 2010

Miley Cyrus Goes Wild

American actress, singer-songwriter, voice actress and pop singer Miley Cyrus has gone wild as she was caught smoking a bong at a party in Los Angeles about a week after she turned 18. She was seen taking a hit with a group of unidentified friends.

However, reports of TMZ said that it’s probably not weed which she smoked but probably salvia, a natural herb that has psychedelic properties and gives Miley a case of the giggles. Miley giggles and chats with the friend filming her. At one point, Miley claims someone off camera resembles her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and then wonders whether the bong hit caused the confusion.

Possession of salvia is legal in California and the video is thought to have been shot by one of Miley’s friends and was later stolen or copied from that camera. Salvia can even be bought online.

Miley has a song called “Can’t Be Tamed” which audiences associate with her controversial case. However, reports also said that Miley had the blessings of her parents for this.

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