Thursday, December 9, 2010

Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji Pre-Nuptial Video Stirs Controversy

Bb. Pilipinas-World 2007 turned actress Maggie Wilson said that her pre-nuptial video with fiancé Victor Consunji, a construction magnate, was tastefully done despite the various negative criticisms it gets from viewers in the internet specifically in networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Wilson, a 21-year old British-Filipino beauty raised in Saudi Arabia, said that the video turned out as how they conceptualized it. She stressed further that it is not the conventional pre-nuptial video since she and her fiancé wanted to revolutionize the Filipino’s pre-wedding tradition.

The pre-nuptial video was posted in November 26, 2010, three weeks before their wedding at the Misibis Bay Resort in Legazpi City on December 18 with Jason Magbanua as the wedding videographer. The awesome and well-done video which lasts 2 minutes and 58 seconds features Maggie and Victor in several intimate moments kissing by the stairs, inside the car, in bed and underwater.

It sparked online debates on whether the scenes were appropriate for a pre-nuptial video according to moral watchdogs. As of this posting, it has been viewed close to a hundred thousand times already and now being considered as the raciest pre-nuptial video ever, at least here in the Philippines.

However for Maggie, their video is something to watch out for in which she asserts that if people do not find it artistic, they should not watch it. She even twitted, “Love it or hate it…it’s my video!”

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