Monday, December 13, 2010

Krista Ranillo as Fashion Designer in Los Angeles, California

The former Philippine sexy actress - Krista Ranillo entered the world of fashion designing, not locally but in Hollywood (Los Angeles, California). Krista Ranillo is a friend and cousin of David Tupaz, who gave her a break to become a fashion designer. Tupaz is designing bridal gowns for Hollywood celebrities. ABS-CBN reported that just recently, the designs made by Krista were featured in one of David's fashion shows.

Krista Ranillo is married to Jefferson NiƱo Lim, an Island Pacific Supermarket CEO in US. She will give birth to her first baby by April next year.

Amidst the controversies she had in the Philippines, Krista remained her popularity not by nasty controversies anymore but by her happy and inspiring stories.

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