Saturday, December 18, 2010

Indonesia vs Philippine Azkals Game 2 Winner - AFF Suzuki Cup 2010

After having defeated in the first leg of Indonesia versus Philippine Azkals Semi-Finals battle, RP's Azkals is once again ready to fight for the second leg of AFF Suzuki Football Cup 2010 Semi Finals -- clashing with the Indonesian Team for the second time at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium on Sunday. Winner in Game 2 leg will advance to Finals.

Simon Mcmenemy, Philippines Azkal's coach said that this is one of the "biggest game of their careers". Philippine team, as he said, are very much prepared for the second leg of the semis.

Here are the excerpt from Mcmenemy interview taken in their AFF Susuki website:

"We have a limited squad as we have some able players on the bench who may not quite be at the level of starting right now. We weren't expecting to be going so far in the tournament and to be playing game after game after game. We weren't expecting to be putting the same squad out time and time again. But it's not like we're under-prepared or unfit. No matter what the commentators on Star Sports say, we have prepared well, we are a fit side and we don't stop running."

"But I think that the boys are relaxed and chilled out. They're eager to get the match under way and they should be ready to go on Sunday"

Whoever will be the winner in the football competition, it's already a pride that Philippines is showing once again their interest in the field of international sports.

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