Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cristine Reyes says sorry to Sarah Geronimo on her Twitter account

Cristine Reyes started the war -- throwing spicy remarks to Sarah Geronimo last week in Twitter, and now, Cristine is ending the war as she sought apology to the "Pop Princess" also in the same channel - in her twitter's PilyangSweet. Cristine feels sorry for what she did. She said:

"Sa mga nasaktan, sa mga nadamay na Tao pasensiya na po,Naging emotional & impulsive po ako.sana maunawaan niyo po.Maging peaceful na sana ang pasko natin lahat.Sana wala na po Mang-gatong at pagdasal niyo na lang po na maayos namin. Kami Lang po ang dapat mag-ayos nito.kami lang po."


To all affected personalities, I am seeking your apology, I am just emotional and impulsive, I hope you understand. I am wishing a peaceful Christmas for everyone. I hope that we can settle this issue. We are the only person to settle this. Just us.

The twitter message was posted in her account after Rayver Cruz was interviewed at "The Buzz" -- admitting his relationship with Cristine Reyes.

Since the beginning of the issue, Sarah Geronimo remained silent.


  1. Well done, you have finally come to your senses, Christine. I think you need to publicly apologize for your acts.

  2. She didn't say Sorry to Sarah. She apologized to the fans, more of. And she is not totally apologizing note the end part of her tweet.

  3. eh paranoid kasi sya bakit feeling nya sya lang ang sexy sa mundo..tumigil nga sya palibhasa wala syang breeding..puro kataklesahan sya na walang sense

  4. Come on Cristine dont be SOOO PLASTIC!!!
    Your nasty words to Sarah G were unforgvable. You should quit showbiz. GO TO HELL!!!