Sunday, October 10, 2010

Winnie Monsod Last Lecture in UP (University of the Philippines) Video

It's the last lecture of Winnie Monsod's lecture in her class in UP (University of the Philippines)  which turned t is very memorable not only for the number of UP students inside but of the entire country. She reminded her class that the UP students are not future leaders but already leaders at the present state, she quoted that these students are "creme de la creme" because they are part and admitted at the prestigious University of the Philippines.

She also made mentioned of the values of excellence and honor as the University's motto. She quoted about cheating as a usual habit in each University, and eventually, these are a simple forms of corruption. There are lot of government officials from different sections of government who have graduated from UP... they are all intelligent graduates but where are we now? They are all excellent but they prioritize excellence before Honor and Integrity.

"Please do not cheat", a very important quote i got from Winnie. "Because if you cheat, you are not part of the solution anymore, you are very much contributing to the problem".

More than I narrated what she said, it is far more better if you will hear the inspiring last lecture of Winnie Monsod with her students.

Video of Winnie Monsod's last Lecture in UP

One of the viewers commented this:

@neomarked20 I applaud your winning attitude. Honor and excellence should be in the hearts and minds of every Filipino regardless of what school one graduated. Prof. Monsod's speech is in so many ways about nationalism and love for country. Her challenge, however, lies heavily to the isko and iska who will most likely be the next generation of leaders in the country since they (myself included) owe the Filipino people A LOT which started on graduating in college with a subsidized tuition.

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  1. she is our topic in our sining ng pakikipagtalastasan, because of her outstanding speech and how people remember her..share :D