Friday, October 8, 2010

Pokwang controversial Video in Youtube entitled Pokwang Napamura

Pilipinas Win na win host, Pokwang cleared her name after the uploaded controversial video in Youtube entitled "Pokwang Napamura". According to her, this video was in connection with her advertisement with Globe Telecom. In the video was Pokwang wearing Korean costume while scolding some staff and director.

Controversial Video of Pokwang "Pokwang napamura"

In Pokwang's tweet in Twitter, she said that it was just purely acting and nothing to do with her real personality. The controversial video was a prequel for her Globe advertisement Globe Muzta.

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  1. oh my,it looks real!acting lang ba talaga yan?????

  2. damage control. tanga lang maniwalang "acting" yun