Friday, October 8, 2010

Pnoy (NoyNoy Aquino) and Shalani break up because of third party

It's the President's love life which is being talked. Shalani and Pnoy broke up already because of a third party? Is this true? These are the questions being raised by thousands of their followers today. Is it really real that NoyNoy Aquino has an affair with Trish Roque of Channel 5? These issues were asked so many times but Shalani keep on denying in media interviews. Same with Pnoy, when he was interviewed regarding the spreading rumors, he said: "Let me preserve what little I have in my private life"

Despite Pnoy and Shalani's hectic schedules, there are ultimately big challenges in between and ahead of them, so these rumors are becoming more common to the couple. If these are for real, may they find happiness in their private lives since they are both aging.

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