Friday, October 15, 2010

Justin Bieber Concert in the Philippines produced by Jomari Yllana

How true is the Justin Bieber Concert in the Philippines to be produced by Jomari Yllana?

Justin Bieber is the no. 1 preference of Jomari Yllana for the next foreign singer concert in the Philippines. Jomari was known for producing concerts whose major singers are from foreign countries like David Cook, David Archuleta, John Mayer, Kris Allen, and Marie Digby. Yllana admitted that there are still no exact concert line up as of the moment, but if he would be given the opportunity to choose the next singing star, that would be Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber Concert | Confirmed or not?

Jomari said in one of his interviews: Sa totoo lang walang confirmed. Walang naka-line up. Pero if I were to choose kung sino ang gusto ko, gusto ko si Justin Bieber. 'Yon ang gusto ko

Bieber's Future concert in the Philippines, for sure, would be a great hit for his million fans . Bieber's fans is waiting for this.

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